About Kiat
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KIAT Architects was established in Jakarta, Indonesia in January 1987. The founders began their education and employment in Indonesia, The United States of America and Australia. Specializing in residential architecture and hotels, KIAT Architects has an extensive portfolio spanning almost 30 years. The firm has been awarded various awards, the latest being the IAI Jakarta Awards (2015) for Hermitage Hotel in Menteng, Jakarta. Projects by KIAT Architects are found all across Indonesia as well as overseas (Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Timor Leste). A pioneer in residential architecture,

KIAT architects has numerously been engaged to design Ambassador’s residences in Indonesia – the Swedish, Singaporean, Ecuadorian, American (for ASEAN), Malaysian, Greek, German, Belgian, French, Mexican, Canadian, and United Arab Emirati, to name a few. KIAT Architects has produced countless designs on high-end residential structures around Menteng and Kebayoran Baru, in Jakarta. With an equally impressive portfolio of hotels in Jakarta, Bali and all over Indonesia, KIAT architects has continuously been sought after by hoteliers.